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Kerr Lake NC is the perfect camping getaway especially with kids and with friends. Prepare for some kneeboarding and tubing fun and total relaxation Read more >
On Sunday, my family and I went somewhere I have been eager to go to for a while now – The Harry Potter Symphony with the Nashville Symphony at Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. The Harry Potter Pre-Show Experience Firstly, Read more >
It didn’t take the kids much to twist our arms and have us agree to take a road trip with their cousins to Dubbo in central west NSW. It was, after all, the very location where T and I had Read more >
It probably won’t surprise you, given I’m the author of a series called The Mapmaker Chronicles, but I love maps – in particular, old maps. I love that they give us a snapshot, at any given time, of what was Read more >
I’ll never forget the first time it happened to me. I had a small baby bump poking through my sky blue singlet and ran into someone I knew on the street. “Oh well. Looks like the travel is over for Read more >
I’m currently going through the process of cleaning and organizing all my computer files and moving them to my new computer. Please grunt with me now. It is as awful as it sounds and a price I pay for having Read more >
There are a lot of options when looking for the best family travel resources. Our intention is to help you avoid overwhelm, which is a serious issue in today’s content-heavy world. You don’t have time to research and read endless Read more >
Alright! You’re ready to travel with kids more. Don’t panic. Family travel is amazing! One of your biggest concerns may be what are the best kids travel items and how to keep your kids safe and happy when traveling. We’re Read more >
Mrs. Makepeace’s class is back in session! After 18 months of homeschooling Kalyra on our road trip around Australia, I didn’t think I’d be taking on the responsibility of teaching my kids while traveling again. But, here we are, and Read more >
Welcome to our family travel series where we interview other family travelers to show you how they make travel with kids a reality. You’ll hear from budget travelers, luxury travelers, families with babies, long-term travelers, digital nomads and those who fit travel Read more >


Using Pre-paid Travel Money Cards

My brother first told me about prepaid travel money cards a couple of years ago. He and his wife used a cash passport for their year long trip through South America and raved about how easy and convenient it was. Read more >