“Did you hear they’ve finally got the name right, Hal? Callin’ it by it proper name now ‘Bow-fort’ instead of ‘Bew-fort’ like they do down there in South Carolina.” The gray-haired lady, blue apron covering her flowered dress, sat in Read more >
Meet Kelly and Chris Carpenter and their two children. An Aussie traveling family who say yes to life. The Carpenter’s sold their home, packed up their belongings, picked up their two kids to travel Australia in a caravan and live the Read more >
Living in another country, away from family, can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. You obviously go through stages where you really miss your family, and then other moments when you’re glad to have that independent freedom to figure Read more >
World Cup fever is on and if you’re not interested you are probably being driven mad right now with all the fuss. What’s so great about it anyway? It’s just macho men running around kicking a ball in a game Read more >
Camping East and South Africa for 4 months didn’t mean that we had to miss out on discovering brilliant hostels or backpackers. In fact a lot of the hostels have gardens where you can pitch your tent for next to Read more >
It’s been on your travel bucket list ever since you were a child, when you heard stories of wild animals roaming freely through the plains of Africa. Growing up, Discovery Channel showed you in moving picture form that this was Read more >
“Only 5 people can come into the enclosure with the wild cheetah. Who would like to volunteer?” I looked at Craig, knowing flashed before his eyes as they said ‘Oh God, here she goes again!’ I smiled, nodded, and shot Read more >
The Devastation This morning I awoke to a flurry of tweets describing the violence and chaos in Bangkok, over the latest Red Shirt political protests. I never thought I would ever see a city, in a place of such tranquil Read more >
A lone, young lion crouches down by the water hole, his tongue silently laps up water to quench his thirst after a long, dry day. Travelers sit at the viewing platform, drinking in the serenity of the still moment of Read more >
This piece is an assigment, written for my MatadorU Travel Writing Course. The piece is about my hometown in 500 words or less, which I found extremely difficult. Please leave feedback and suggestions in the comment box below, it will Read more >


Using Pre-paid Travel Money Cards

My brother first told me about prepaid travel money cards a couple of years ago. He and his wife used a cash passport for their year long trip through South America and raved about how easy and convenient it was. Read more >