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The Olympic Games are in full throttle and creating many magical moments. I’m watching friends on Snapchat having a fantastic time in Rio and I’m reminded of the wonderful buzz that surrounds an Olympic event. I had the pleasure of Read more >
It’s early morning; I’m sitting on my balcony and all hear is the chirping of the birds. I breathe a deep sigh of relief and connectedness. An image of me sitting in the middle of a forest on a cold Read more >
It’s all you can think about from the minute you wake until your head hits the pillow after another exhausting day. Not long now and I’ll be on my way. I’ll be living the travel dream and it will all Read more >
I think there’s a war raging somewhere on the internet between travellers. I’ve seen a few updates appearing in my Facebook feed alluding to it. People are upset with those who preach the “quit your cubicle and travel” lifestyle. Some Read more >
I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately online, on TV interviews, and in person about the affects social media, in particular viewing the world through your lens, has on your in-the-moment experiences. The growing consensus is that people rarely Read more >
Yep. I’ve got some fears about our upcoming road trip to the USA. Fears are a normal part of life, and will magnify with the greater risks and adventures you take. Now please be aware that none of these fears Read more >
Procrastination. Otherwise known as it’s not the right time yet. Or, I’ll get to it later. Or, once I’ve figured out XYZ then we’ll do it. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time until that’s all your journey becomes; a Read more >
Me: “What would you do if it was your child?” Doctor: “If it was my child….long pause….I would drive straight to Townsville”. Not what I wanted to hear, considering Townsville was a six hour drive away and Kalyra had a Read more >
At this moment, I was meant to be 30,000 feet up in the air somewhere over Europe getting ready to soon land in Istanbul and speak at the World Tourism Forum. Yet, here I am writing this post from my Read more >
Surrounded by so much beauty, I lost control. While riding across the coastal hills on the remote East Cape of New Zealand, my horse began cantering up a slope.  Without much riding experience, my right foot slipped out of the Read more >


Using Pre-paid Travel Money Cards

My brother first told me about prepaid travel money cards a couple of years ago. He and his wife used a cash passport for their year long trip through South America and raved about how easy and convenient it was. Read more >